Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Close to a year ago, on June 11th, during one of our many moans about big money clubs ruining the game etc etc, we commented that after all the cash they had been splashing "surely only a La Liga and Champions League double would be acceptable for the money spent" by Real Madrid.

Clearly Real president Florentino Perez agreed.

After failing to land even the Spanish Cup this season, Perez cut his losses and fired boss Manuel Pellegrini today. It was hardly a surprise. It had been coming all season. Whilst they still clung on to that last La Liga hope, the biggest factor in keeping Pellegrini in a job was that they couldn't land Jose Mourinho before now.

It's going to cost them to land the Special One, reports say it could be around £13.5 million in compensation, but money is no object of course to the Spanish giants.

This is where their real problems lie. Not in the management. Not in the players. They have too much money that it is clouding their judgement as to what makes a winning football team.

Pellegrini put together a great squad of players. He didn't put together a great team. Money can't buy you team spirit and unity. That's what wins you matches - a cohesive unit, playing as one, winning as one. There were too many individuals trying to grab the limelight in Real's side last season and not achieving it either.

There will no doubt be another transfer revolving door at the Bernabeu this summer. Jose will want to bring in his own players and be judged on that.

I'm a huge fan of Mourinho. I love his arrogance and his flair. He has what it takes to be a manager of club like Real Madrid - ego and self belief.

With the pressure to succeed and the money being thrown around, any self doubt can cripple you. Mourinho, publically at least, never shows such flaws.

I can't wish him to succeed with Real though. I just can't. It would give out the wrong message to fans of the game worldwide.

If you can't buy a winning team on the pitch, but one off it. That can never be allowed to succeed. C'mon Barca!


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