Sunday, May 16, 2010

Well now it's official. In terms of which league we're all playing in, East Fife are now the worst team in Fife and it's all seemed to happen in the blink of an eye.

Cowdenbeath played superbly this afternoon to win the second leg of the tie to decide who would be promoted to the Scottish First Division. With the first leg being played out to a scoreless draw at Central Park on Wednesday, all eyes were on Glebe Park this afternoon, in what was effectively a home Cup final for Brechin City.

As it turned out, Brechin were rank rotten and Cowden deservedly progressed 3-0. The damage was all done in the first half, thanks to a brace from the prolific-I-wish-we-had-him-at-Bayview Gareth Wardlaw and the opener from Joseph Mbu. I never thought I'd be saying this on AFTN but well done to Cowdenbeath. I really admired your fight and spirit today.

Your fans may be scum, your stadium a shithole, your town an embarrassment to 21st century living, but under Danny Lennon you have put together a good side and taken your chance this season to go up from a pretty poor Second Division. If only we could have done the same.

Lennon is an exciting young manager and has put together a side that's played good football this season. To think that this time last year they were preparing for another season in the Third Division until the Livingston debacle saw them unexpectedly promoted. When you get given a chance like that, you have to grab it with both hands and that's just what Cowden did.

It's remarkable when you look at the fact that Lennon had put together a squad to get promotion from the Third and on an appropriate budget. Maybe the gap between the bottom two divisions isn't that great, or maybe Lennon just got the best out of the players he had. I tend to go with the latter.

Cowden's promotion is huge for them in their current financial plight. It's also a right scunner for East Fife when you look at just how exciting the Scottish First Division is going to be next season.

The crowds and atmosphere in the division are going to be tremendous and I think you'd really have to be a blinkered East Fife fan not to be jealous of the fact that we're missing out.

Three Fife teams, two from the central belt and the cogies of Dundee. Cracking stuff. Add into that mix the big crowds that Partick Thistle and Morton will bring, along with the ambitious Ross County and Queen of the South and you just know that the division is going to be the most hotly contested and exciting in Scotland next season. Can we have a "Division of Death"? I'll be one of the first to christen it that anyway.

Sure Cowden, and any team going up from the Second, are going to struggle and are pretty much odds on relegation candidates already, but I don't see them having the hammerings we had last time we went up.

How does it feel to be the only Fife side to miss out? Sickening. Am I jealous? Course I am. This will be slightly (just ever so) tempered if Stevie Crawford can get the Fife playing next season and we're promotion contenders ourselves. Trips to Airdrie and Forfar don't really hold the same excitment though either way.

I blame Livingston for all this. Another reason to hate the club killing bastards. Let's take it out on them on the pitch next season. Hey, I have to have something to look forward to.

In the meantime. Well down Cowdenbeath FC. Enjoy your moment.


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