Monday, May 31, 2010

It seems that no sooner has the season finished than it's all starting up again, with two Cup draws already having been made for East Fife and we now have a Fife derby next season after all.

It came as no surprise last week when the Challenge Cup paired the Fife with Brechin City yet again in a Cup. At least the League Cup draw added Raith and not Arbroath.

The whole farce of ten team leagues is shown up in these draws in recent seasons. Playing Brechin four times a season is too much, but seven or eight, as has been the case, is not just overload but a test of the fans' commitment to coming along to games.

Scotland just can't support such small divisions. I don't care if we go back to two or three. Just change it now or add in a shitload of new clubs to remove the boredom that we face each season.

Familiarity doesn't just breed content, it spells doom for clubs and just disinterest from fans.

Even a game against Raith doesn't quite hold the same appeal any more. Of course, when we beat them in our first round League Cup match up next season I'll have changed my mind considerably.


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