Sunday, April 18, 2010

It could be the most bizarre reason to postpone a football match this season, but both of the UEFA Europa League semi finals are in doubt this Thursday due to the ash cloud from the Icelandic volcano eruption and the airline restrictions enforced because of it.

UEFA will decide if the matches will go ahead and whether Liverpool and Fulham need to make the long trips to Madrid and Hamburg by land.

Neither Club wants to go down that route but seeing as how the Champions League clubs are having to travel by that method, with little complaint incidentally, I really don't see what they have to moan about.

Add to this the fact that Newcastle are going to be making an 800 mile round trip to Plymouth on Monday night due to being unable to fly and it seems a bit off for the Premiership clubs to be kicking up such a fuss.

Fulham's trip to Germany would only be slight more than Newcastle's journey down south in the same country.

I'd toyed with coming back to Fife to watch the last two games of the season, vital ties that they are. Thankfully I chose against this.

Now that would have been a pisser if I had to miss them due to being unable to fly. Possibly not as much as making it over and then the Fife blowing it! Thankfully neither is going to happen though.


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