Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The season SPL split has now taken place after the weekend's games (although not officially as there's still some other busines to be taken care of).

For those not sure what this split is all about, the top six teams play for the Championship and Europa League places and the bottom six play for relegation and a bunch of meaningless, lowly attended games if you happen to be unlucky enough to finish in 7th and 8th place.

We've always found it farcical, not ground breaking. You'll notice how other Leagues around Europe haven't been rushing to follow suit. The fact that the team finishing 7th can then collect more points that the team finishing 6th but still finish below them, is just one of a number of headshaking points associated with the split.

Now there's not many times that you'll see us agreeing with Rangers in this blog but we're with them on their latest complaint today. The unfairness of the remaining five fixtures for each team.

Rangers find themselves away from home for three consecutive matches over a 10 day period. I'm sure their huge 13 point cushion at the top should soften that blow. At least mix the fixtures up though.

Motherwell aren't happy either and the remaining fixtures will see them travelling to Celtic for the third time this season. A case that is also annoying St Mirren when it comes to them and Falkirk.

This latter situation is made all the more key when these two teams are currently in the bottom two positions, tied on points and battling for their SPL survival.

The unfairness of the split fixtures this season just highlights how unfair the split is in general and one of the reasons why it should be ditched forthwith. If you can't guarantee fairness in the fixtures then why have such a system?

Rangers are calling for an end to the split, which we fully back, and a change in the SPL set up to 18 teams (which we're not so sure about).

The SPL split has given a lot of excitment over the last couple of seasons, at both end of the table. I will say that. But sometimes you have to shun excitement in return for fairness and integrity and the SPL certainly seem to lacking in both of those these days.


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