Wednesday, April 28, 2010

** Apologies for the lack of updates the last couple of days, technical hitches. Blogs were written but not posted, so may retrospectively post them, or maybe not! **

Inter Milan claimed their place in a European Cup final for the first time in nearly four decades earlier tonight.

It's good to refer to the competition by it's old name every now and again, and this season's semis line up at least made it feel like a real Europeanwide tournament once again.

Inter's peformance at the Nou Camp certainly harked back to the days of old, with a gritty backs to the wall defensive display that would have made some of the Eastern European sides from years ago very proud.

It's disappointing that flair didn't win out over defensiveness in the end, especially as it seys up a pretty dull final as far as I'm concerned.

Barca only have themselves to blame though for not doing what they needed to, despite the gritty determination of the Inter back 9, especially with the one man advantage after Thiago Motta's controversial sending off.

I hate to praise Inter after such a defensive display, but their resoluteness was very impressive. There was going to be no breaking down of that defensive wall without a struggle and so it proved to be.

Sometimes that is what's needed to win the match, I fully accept that. It's just not nice to see a childhood game of attackers and defenders being played out to a worldwide audience in such an important game.

That said, if Stevie Crawford comes up with the same game plan against Arbroath on Saturday and we get what we need to avoid the relegation playoffs, then you won't hear me complaining.


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