Saturday, April 17, 2010

Two games left and all to play for. That’s what East Fife are faced with for the remainder of the season following this afternoon’s results in the Scottish Second Division.

The second half of the three games of interest today could hold the key to shaping the final outcome this season. At half time, East Fife were sitting on 40 points with Arbroath and Stenny tantalisingly tied on 38. By the 65th minute in the games, one point separated all three relegation battlers and East Fife had dropped down to a perilous 8th place once again.

After the final whistle had gone in all three encounters, late goals by Cowdenbeath and Stirling had saved the Fife’s bacon and given them a three point advantage over a place in the relegation playoffs, basically four due to our superior goal difference.

With our last two games being against the teams around us, we won’t be able to rely on other sides too much going in to the final battles and nor should we have to. Our Second Division future is firmly resting in our own hands.

A win today would have basically made us safe. That’s how tight it is and how small the margins of error are. If Arbroath fail to pick up a point next week at Dumbarton, then we will be playing Division Two football next season, barring us shipping a barrowload in our last two games.

If we have to go to Gayfield on the last day of the season needing anything to avoid the relegation playoff, then I don’t fancy our chances much.

Today’s performance wasn’t poor. It wasn’t great. It was very average. Not much different to a lot of other games this season, but what is frustrating is that these games ARE very different. We should be battling for our lives, for every single second of the game.

Sure we had chances cleared of the line and the woodwork kept us out, but the bottom line is we didn’t score and we didn’t take anything from a vital game.

Football is all about chances and luck. You need to be lucky and create and take your chances and sometimes you just need to chance your luck.

The difference between greatness and mediocrity for many sides is the team’s spirit. The fight and desire that they have and display.

How many times in recent seasons have Celtic and Rangers ground out a win due to some late winner? Our opponents today, Brechin City, have done that to us on our last two visits to Glebe Park. They battle to the very end.

Just look south of the border this season. Arsenal are making a habit out of being late, late show specialists and it’s kept their Championship dreams alive for most of the season.

Today’s Manchester derby was a great example of what it takes to be a great side. Man United seemed down and out. Dropping any points to their city rivals today was basically handing the Premiership title to Chelsea it appeared. They played like men possessed for that three minutes of stoppage time (and to be fair so did City). They wouldn’t give up and they didn’t and they got what could be a huge winner with basically the last action of the game.

That’s the attitude and performance that makes winners. That’s what makes Champions. And that’s what we need to see from EVERY East Fife player in the next two games.


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