Saturday, April 3, 2010

"Jekyll and Hyde football" was a very apt description of East Fife's season made by poster Fat Doug on the AFTN Forum tonight.

After the highs of Tuesday's win, many expected to be brought back down to earth by the League leaders Alloa today and that was the case - although it didn't need to be.

East Fife had dominated early proceedings and, not for the first time this season, the lack of clinical finishing (and good goalkeeping) proved costly and immediately sent us back into the danger zone thanks to Arbroath's 2-0 victory away to bottom side Clyde.

Declan McAvoy's deflected 12 yard finish on 55 minutes was all that separated the two sides in the end and despite the slightly desparation move of putting centre half Jonny Smart up front for the closing minutes nearly paying off, it was another disappointing day at the office for the black and gold.

Alloa had a wheen of players out for this match, but sadly we couldn't take advantage of that fact and although we maintained 7th spot in the league we now have Stenny and the Smokies breathing down our neck, one and two points back respectively and both with a game in hand. Squeaky bum time again.

The debate just now is whether we can class our Second Division safety as being in our own hands or not. I'm a yay on that.

We have four games left, three of them away. Our last two matches are now enormous. I wish I was going back home for them! Stenny at home on the second last game of the season, followed by Arbroath away, could be immense or it could be all over bar the shouting by then if we take points from Dumbarton and Brechin over the next two weekends. Six points from these last two games should be enough to see us safe anyway no matter what happens earlier.

A slight problem with that of course would appear to be our inability to string two consecutive good performances, never mind victories, together.

I don't see Arbroath or Stenhousemuir taking anything from their away matches at Peterhead or Stirling on Tuesday. Arbroath have the hardest run in on paper, but as we know, everyone can beat everyone else in the division this season.

There's certainly going to be no lack of thrills, excitement and intrigue as the season concludes. It would be nice not to have that relegation threat hanging over us, but providing things work out in the end, at least it'll keep us interested right to the very end.

C'mon the Fife.


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