Sunday, April 11, 2010

Well we can all breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Dundee United did every East Fife fan an enormous favour this afternoon, with their 2-0 victory over Raith Rovers in the Scottish Cup semi final.

David Goodwillie and Andy Webster are the two players we have to thank for saving us from what have been an unbearable situation had Rovers made the Hampden final.

If I'd been given the choice of East Fife being relegated or Raith making the final, I have to honestly say I'd have taken the relegation option!

We were never really worried but you never know. Raith had fluked their way to the semis by avoiding the Old Firm and being paired with some very off form sides and anything can happen when you have a semi (not something most Raith fans know anything about).

East Fife's proud history of being the only side from outside the top flight to have won the Scottish Cup is still under threat from Ross County though. It has been a lot in recent years and they probably have the best chance of any of the lower league sides that have made the final in recent seasons.

Their tremendous win over Celtic was one of the biggest Cup shocks ever and full marks to them. If we were to lose our record to them, it would be hard to take but you'd have to congratulate them for it.

And of course, they're not Raith!

Forget backing the underdogs, we'll be Dundee United fans come May 15th. They still owe us after the infamous Don McVicar elastic watch match in 1990 and their job is still just half done.


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