Thursday, April 8, 2010

The UEFA Champions League semi final line up was finalised this week and it was very pleasing as far as we're concerned here at AFTN.

Not because there's no English teams in the final four, although that is a very nice added bonus, but because for the first time since 2004 there are actually four different countries represented in the semis.

It's the way it should be and quickly draws a line under the last three season's debacle when three of the four sides came from England (which still couldn't stop a Spanish winner of course last year or an Italian one in 2007!).

We've gone on at length in this blog many times before about how the Champions League is a farce, as countries have too many teams in the competition and how it isn't even about being Champions in your own country any more that matters. We won't go into another long rant about it, but our feelings haven't changed!

Whilst the semis are pleasing, it's still not perfect, as only Barcelona and Inter Milan are actually Champions in their countries, but hey, we'll give Lyon and Bayern Munich the free pass on this one as they've done their countries proud, have set up a great semi line up and have given the competition a bit of credence back in our eyes.

There's four great footballing countries represented and what should be two very competitive sets of ties to look forward to in two weeks. It's truly a battle of Europe for once.

Let's hope both ties provide excellent entertainment. The competition needs it and European Club football needs it.

Maybe, just maybe, the European Cup can be seen in all it's glory one more time this season. It's been a long wait.


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