Monday, March 8, 2010

Having run a football forum since 2003, I'm one of the first to admit that they can be a bit of a double edged sword.

It's great that they give us that freedom of speech to vent our feelings on our team, our rivals and anything else that comes to mind. At the same time, sniping between fans of your own team, never mind those of your rivals, can grind you down a bit at times, especially when some people just love to hide behind their internet anonymity to be particularly abusive about players or fans.

It's a little different at East Fife as so many of us know each other anyway! You know, being away from the numbers and all that!

There's many times though that they're just fantastic reading and it makes me proud to run one. The current 'Bygone Levenmouth' thread on AFTN (see HERE) has been a joy to read and one of our most popular ever threads.

Then of course you sometimes strike comedy gold! That's what the Millwall House of Fun forum has suddenly stumbled across thanks to an unbelievable post by Lions fan Stuwall. It was a post that has earned him the forum's "Cock of the Week" title and has sent the thread viral. At the time of writing this is has nearly 365,000 visits!

It's a cracker and you read it all HERE.

It's the kind of nightmare you dread. One of your own fans giving rival fans the chance to class you all as a bunch of dicks! Couldn't help but chuckle myself reading his stupidity and when the penny finally drops it's priceless.

AFTN has had it's fair share of comedy gold ourselves in our time. Our particular favourite being the whole 'Terry Lawrence' affair. Not an affair in the John Terry sense you understand!

You can read it or remind yourselves of it HERE. Poor Toj, he still hasn't lived it down!

Football and humour go hand in hand. Let's hope that never changes.


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