Thursday, March 18, 2010

STV (that's Scottish television for those not in Alba) launched an interesting football related programme this evening.

Giving the Scottish public an opportunity to settle the argument "once and for all" (yeah like that's likely to be the case!!), the programme aims to answer the question: "Which eleven football players would combine best to make up Scotland's greatest ever team?".

It is a debate that regularly rages between Scottish football fans - which eleven players and manager would make up our best team? Can this five part series help the Scottish fans select Scotland's greatest national side?

"Scotland's Greatest Team" goes out at 9pm on STV for the next four Thursdays after tonight and it kicked off the series with a look at Strikers - why they just didn't start at the back and work their way forward like we did with AFTN's All Time Great East Fife XI, I don't know. Well, I probably do. Strikers make for much more interest and grab in a first programme.

The series has the potential to be great viewing and provide the long suffering Tartan Army with a great set of shows to reminisce over some great players and great moments.

A panel of 'experts' was put together to narrow down the national team players to a selection lists of 6 strikers, 10 midfielders, 10 defenders, 4 goalkeepers and 4 managers. The team will play a 4-4-2 formation.

Disappointingly they were only looking at players that had pulled on a Scotland jersey from January 1st 1967 to the present day. So not so much Scotland's greatest EVER team, as the greatest modern day one.

The strikers shortlist consisted unsurprisingly of Kenny Dalglish, Joe Jordan, Denis Law and Ally McCoist, along with the more surprising Mo Johnston and Alan Gilzean. For me it would have to be Dalglish as a certainty and probably Law shading Coisty, but ask me another day and I might have that the other way around.

Tony Roper really isn't the best presenter, and those putting forward the nominees have the potential to have us cringing, but that aside, it was fun to watch and I'm looking forward to the other four shows.

At the same time it was also depressing stuff as the programme just went to show how dire the current talent pool for the Scottish national team is today. Oh for some modern day Laws, Jordans and King Kennys.

Still we have our memories and the final team selected by us, the punters, will be revealed on April 22nd. I wonder if we could clone them.


  1. I blogged on this before it went out saying how I felt the post 1967 rule was a cop out ( but I did enjoy the programme. Like you say the presenters leave something to be desired.

    Think most people would vote for Dalglish. Surprise you'd have Law and McCoist so close. I'd go for Law but not sure McCoist would make my top three even.

  2. Yeah, most days I'd go for Law without a doubt but there's something about McCoist's ability to be in the right place in the six yard at the right time that I miss and always admired. Scotland badly needs a prolific poacher these days.


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