Wednesday, March 10, 2010

When Real Madrid made their obscene multi multi million cash splurge in the close season, we said in this blog at the time that anything less than both the Champions League and the La Liga title would have to be considered an epic fail for the Spanish giants.

Now, come early March, all that Real have left to go for is that Spanish league title, with April 10th's showdown with Barcelona now taking on added significance to the massive game that it already was. Real coach Manuel Pellagrini's coat is most definitely on a shoogly hook now.

On a night when fellow European giants AC Milan also crashed out of the competition, Madrid will be kicking themselves for missing what proved to be a vital slew of first half chances. When Lyon's Miralem Pjanic hit home the equaliser on the night, and the eventual tie decider, a huge roar erupted here at AFTN Towers.

It's always nice to see the big bucks guy take a beating from the "little" guy. You should know that's our ethos here by now.

What was very evident tonight is that although a barrowload of cash can assemble you a number of top players, it can't buy you a "team".

The Real players looked far from being a cohesive unit, petulantly sniping at each other when things weren't wrong or passes weren't made. Lyon on the other hand played as a workmanlike team with a common goal.

It was the result of the week, although last night's fantastic match between Fiorentina and Bayern Munich takes the game of the week title. It was just a shame that the Italian club have bowed out directly as a result of the horrendous first leg refereeing in the tie.

At least we can chalk one up for the "little" guy.


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