Sunday, March 21, 2010

As we've mentioned in this blog before, sometimes the big games in the Premiership can be a bit of a let down. You look forward to them so much, but then they don't really deliver.

When Manchester United take on Liverpool, it's an eagerly awaited contest between two teams with a real hatred between fans and a rivalry that often spills over on to animosity on the pitch.

The first fifteen minutes of today's game were fantastic stuff and I thought that finally we would be getting a game between the big guns to savour. Sadly it fizzled out a little and, as has been the case on many recent occasions, just finished with more of a whimper than a bang.

Of course, with the way that Liverpool are playing these days it's hard to consider them one of the big guns any more and with Man City now in the rich leagues, many Man U fans will more look forward to these battles in forthcoming seasons than the ones with the Scousers I'm sure.

The Battle of the Reds though will still be one that neither side's fans wants to lose. It's just a shame that they didn't really show it on the terraces. It was such a quiet atmosphere, lifted in spells, but overall it was pretty lacklustre stuff, at least that's how it came across on TV. Is there too much at stake these days for the fans to get in full flow? Are they on the edge of their seats or is it a different kinds of crowd at those grounds these days?

Weigh that up with the atmosphere at Fratton Park yesterday between Portsmouth and Hull City. The battle of the basement dwellers was a cracker on the pitch but also an electric atmosphere of it. The noise came through loud and clear, as did the chants and songs. It was like a total 1970's old school atmosphere and when Pompey got their two winning goals in a minute late on, the place went mental. I loved watching every minute of it, apart from that fucking annoying Pompey bellringer.

The teams at the bottom may not have the money or players that the big guys have but they can certainly turn in more passionate performances and the fans seem to respond in the same way.

I'd much rather watch those games on my TV for the rest of the season.


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