Thursday, March 4, 2010

It was one of the most stupid ideas of the season and today it was finally killed stone dead, well, at least for now.

The Premier League has rejected a playoff for the fourth English spot in the Champions League.

If approved the plan would have been to have a playoff for the spot between the clubs finishing 4th and 7th in the Premiership. This would obviously have led to the farcical proposition of a club finishing well adrift in 7th ending up playing the top teams in Europe.

Unsurprisingly the "big four" (and yes, that currently includes Liverpool!) were against the idea from the get go, whilst others were more welcoming to the plan. No big shock there then.

It would have made for great TV viewing if nothing else, with four sides going gung ho to hit the proverbial lottery winning numbers, but apart from that aspect of it, it would have just made for a huge fixture pile up at the end of the season, when we're already hearing about too many games being played ad nauseum.

At least the Premiership saw sense.

It would have been hard to devalue the "Champions" League qualifying criteria any more that it currently is, but this idea would have taken the prize for managing to do that.

Somehow, I don't think we'll have heard the last of this though.


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