Friday, March 12, 2010

As regular visitors to the AFTN website will have noticed. It's packed full of historical content, along with fun and interesting articles, but our ability to keep it updated and fresh this season has been shocking!

The news and results updates have been non existent, despite our best intentions at the start of the season.

We revamped the site a wee while ago now. Gave it a fresh and different look. We were never fully happy with it though and with the introduction of new technology for viewing websites and different browsers and screen resolutions, the site frankly looks unappealing and very amateurish at present.

We've decided to do our version 3.0 of AFTN now in the summer and have already settled on what we feel the new look will be.

It may come before the season end, but will most probably be in May or June.

So bear with us and all we need to do now is to make sure we update it regularly!


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