Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wow. I knew we were bad, but THAT bad.

That was probably the question on a lot of East Fife fan's lips at 4.45 this afternoon after bottom side Clyde had beaten the Bayview boys 2-1, in one of the few banker games we thought we had in the run in.

With Arbroath gaining a surprise point against league leaders Alloa, today's defeat leaves us two points off the relegation playoffs. If you wanted to be really doom and gloom you could add that in the unlikely event that Clyde won their three games in hand, even they'd only be four points behind us.

It's a good job that Clyde are so poor and haven't had their off the field troubles to seek this season. I dread to think where we'd be sitting otherwise.

The biggest worry isn't that the Smokies seem to be one of the division's form sides as they chase us down. Neither is it that we have to go there in the last game of the season. Nor is it that we'd be so deflated by falling into the playoffs that I can't see us getting through two two-legged playoff matches.

No, the most worrying thing is that the way the team are playing just now, I honestly can't see any way out of this for us. We are totally clueless and bereft of match changing players.

Just six more games of hell and this season can finally be over - hopefully.


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