Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Finally. That's the word I would use to sum up East Fife's performance tonight.

Finally we give ourselves a bit of breathing space at the bottom. Finally the players show the fans what we know they are capable off. Finally we start to look like a team.

It was a brave performance tonight, full of fight and just what we needed to see as East Fife beat fellow basement dwellers Arbroath 3-1 at Bayview Stadium.

It could have all been so different. Falling behind to an early Steven Hislop goal after only six minutes, that was perhaps the defining moment of the Fife's season to date.

For a team which has had more downs than ups this season, turning in some pretty woefully lacklustre performances at times, heads could have gone down. The fight could have drained from them at that moment and to be honest, that's what I expected to happen.

Thankfully the black and gold heroes proved me wrong.

Jamie McCunnie turned in the display we've been waiting to see from the former under 21 international for most of the season, with goals after 25 and 81 minutes. His brace sandwiched a 20 yard drive from Stewart Murdoch, who gave the Fife the lead after 75 minutes. It was a great first Fife goal from the man on loan from Belle and Sebastian. What's that? Oh different spelling, he's from Falkirk.

So many players deserved special plaudits this evening. Bobby Linn was back to the old Boaby and ex Ger Alan Lowing, who has joined the Fife till the end of the season, was different class.

The win moved the Fife up to 7th spot and only two points off 5th. Let's not get carried away though. Some are already saying that they hope the whingers and Crawford critics are eating humble pie now. I would temper those thoughts.

Remember, these are mostly the same players who have not performed consitantly all season. Let me see another 3 or 4 wins in a row to back up the opinion that we've turned the corner.

If nothing else though, we have some time to bide. We're now six points clear of the Smokies, with superior goal difference giving us an extra point in reality. Let's just see some constant improvement to the end of the season. I'll be happy with that and at least that will have me looking positively to next season.

C'mon the Fife.


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