Saturday, March 20, 2010

Well we said on Tuesday not to get too carried away with the Fife's seemingly upturn in fortunes. Today certainly brought everyone connected to the Fife back down to earth with a bang.

It was one of this season's shockers on display today, as the Fife crashed 3-0 at home to Stirling. It was a mystery as the team's performance went from the sublime to the ridiculous in the space of a few days.

The Binos certainly controlled the game and as a near identical brace from Jonathan Page, either side of half time, and a third from Stuart Elliot inflicted the damage. All headed goals as well, showing where one of our many weaknesses lay today.

If the 709 crowd in attendance were expecting to see a Fife side that had turned the corner, they left disappointed. Player-boss Stevie Crawford dropped himself to the bench, which was a big surprise as he's been one of our most consistent players in recent weeks, but he may have had a slight illness if reports are to be believed. I doubt it would have made much difference though.

What today has shown is that we are nowhere near being the team we need to be. We are incapable of stringing a run together and before getting carried away hoping for a climb up the table, we need to get the basics of a team right.

The remainder of the season for me is all about seeing who we want to keep for next season and finding our right style and formula. We're back down to 8th. I personally don't care if that's where we finish. We just need to have some improvements and, as I've said before, have some optimism going into next year.

Just now, we have little.


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