Tuesday, March 2, 2010

With tonight's game yet again falling foul of the weather and that troublesome Bayview frozen pitch, East Fife are facing a horrendously packed end of the season.

With the Fife already scheduled to play 8 games this month (someone must have forgotten to tell the SFL that there are indeed other sheets on their calendar), it was already looking to be a busy and vital month in what is now clearly going to be a fight to avoid a relegation playoff spot.

The weather this season has just been unbelievably bad. The worse I think I can ever remember. The Bayview pitch in particular has been a source of constant trouble and in particular the area right in front of the stand where the roof overhangs the pitch.

There's certainly no easy answer to the problem and who knows what the weather will hold in store for the remainder of the season but if it keeps on going the way it is, we're going to have one hell of a fixture backlog to deal with.

It's certainly going to stretch our squad and as we've said before, it's going to show if they have the stomach for a fight, because that's certainly what we have ahead of us.


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