Sunday, March 7, 2010

When you move away from your loved one, it's hard at times.

Not being able to go to see East Fife every week now, like I had done for over 20 years previously, was a hard adjustment to make in my life. Sometimes though, being so far away from the action is a blessing and that was the case yesterday.

Saturday's 6-2 defeat at the hands of our local rivals Cowdenbeath isn't just a hard pill to swallow because of the scoreline and the embarrassment it causes. No, what really sticks in the throat is how much better Cowden were than us and how much their players actually seemed to want it more.

When our goalkeeper Michael Brown lets in six goals but is also hailed as our man of the match for keeping the scoreline down to single digits, well that tells you everything you need to know about the game.

Terrible tactics, including team selection and formation, cost us dear, but even with those errors, it was primarily the poor poor performance from pretty much the entire team that let East Fife down.

In the week where the East Fife Board (yes, apparently we do have some people running this mess at Bayview at the moment) agreed terms with Stevie Crawford to manage the team next season, the player boss was forced to apologise to the travelling fans for yesterday's debacle.

"I want to personally apologise to every East Fife fan who paid to watch that performance, it was simply not acceptable" was Stevie post match comments. I guess we shouldn't really hold our breath for a refund in costs from the Club as others have done.

We're close to hitting the panic button for this season. A place in the relegation playoffs is now a distinct possibility. Defeat to Clyde in Tuesday's rearranged game could see an even worse case scenario unravelling.

You would hope that Saturday's result is the kick up the arse that the players needed. If they don't go out and turn in one of the displays of the season against the Bully Wee in two days time then they are a disgrace to the famous jersey.

Someone on the forum recently stated that our season was officially over. Far from it. It's just starting to begin and we have to save it. It took us long enough to get out of the bottom division and it's almost a certainty than in the current circumstances, if we end up back down there, we won't be going anywhere else fast.


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