Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The attendances at football matches across Scotland are dwindling. There's a number of reasons for this, not all financial, but that's for another day. The falling numbers have been very evident in the Second Division this season and especially at Bayview. Last night's crunch game with Arbroath could only muster 488 paying punters and that included a good contingent making the short trip down the coast.

What can be done? There's no easy solutions but we were very impressed with an idea pitched on the AFTn forum today from poster TACTICIAN (see HERE). They've certainly got their tactics right here. We've republished the post below in it's entirety. Please add your own thoughts and suggestions to the thread in the forum:


For one game before the end of the season, the SFL/Irn Bru announce "SFL Free Football Saturday". Use some League/sponsorship money to fund it along the lines of -

1st Div - Average paying supporter = 1000 x £15 = £15000 x 5 games = Approx £75000 cost. £15000 to each home Team (split with away team?)

2nd Div - Average paying supporter = 500 x £12 = £6000 x 5 games = Approx £30000 cost
£6000 to each home Team (split with away team?)

3rd Div - Average paying supporter = 300 x £10 = £3000 x 5 games = Approx £15000 cost
£3000 to each home Team (split with away team?)

Total cost to SFL/Irn Bru= (£75000 + £30000 + £15000) = Approx £120,000

See what crowds turn up for Free football - I would hope bumper/record crowds at all 15 games! Even then, compensate it a bit by charging £1 at Gate for - SFL/Irn Bru raffle for prizes (roughly £20,00 back? Maybe more). Compensate (loyal!) Season Ticket holders by getting a 10/1 or 15/1 voucher for the raffle at their gate

Add to that increased merchandising/bar/food/programme revenue a chunk of the outlay would come back or add to Club coffers. Also attract return/new support - impossibe to calculate but something there too.

Try it for one weekend, before the end of the season. It would take a bit of organising, but worth the investment/Advertising/Exposure I think.

Then again we could always carry on as we are!


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