Saturday, February 6, 2010

It seems like no time at all since East Fife kick started their season with a fine 3-0 victory against Dumbarton at the Sons Bayview look-a-likey stadium.

Not only was this a comprehensive win, it was also a mighty fine performance and showed us what the team are capable of doing, but incapable of stringing together for a run of games.

Of course it only seems like no time at all because we've had endless games postponed with the weather. It was eight weeks ago.

Two draws and a victory have followed in that time for the Fife before we ended up facing Dumbarton once again today.

It looked like the season had turned around, the confidence was building and we were slowly closing in on a playoff spot whilst those around us were either faltering or not playing. Just when it looked like all this though, we come crashing back down to earth with a 3-2 defeat by the Sons, primarily as the result of a shocking first half defensive display.

Two goals from player boss Stevie Crawford couldn't drag us out of this one and we couldn't turn the constant second half pressure into any more goals.


The defeat saw us leapfrogged by three teams and drop back down to third bottom of the Scottish Second Division, albeit still eight points clear of the relegation playoff spot.

Sure it's frustrasting but as long as we don't go down this season I don't mind too much. Just as long as we are setting the base for the future and blooding our youngsters, which we're not doing fully just now.

The Second Division this season is mighty poor. A decent team would have taken it by the scruff of the neck and had promotion assured by March. Cowdenbeath showed how bad it is by storming to the top with an underprepared team built upon a Third Division campaign. Top marks to them. They took their opportunity, although are starting to show signs of falling apart at the moment.

Any team that goes up from our division this season is coming straight back down again and I don't want that for the Fife. I'd rather stay in the Second and give up on derbies with the Rovers and the Pars.

Look at Stirling Albion today in the Scottish Cup. Third place in the Second Division against second placed Ross County from the First Division. Result - a monumental 9-0 thrashing for the Binos by the highland side. Woah!

Dunfermline have already demolished Stenny 7-1 earlier in that competition, albeit the result was wiped out for ineligible players.

It all just goes to show the gulf at the moment between the middle two divisions. It's not only scary, it's very depressing.

East Fife have to take the rest of the season to rebuild with our youth. Not farm them out to Junior sides like we've just done, but to let them get valuable first team experience. We need to lose the dead wood and underperformers.

I don't even want to get into the playoffs. The resultant season that would follow any current promotion doesn't bare thinking about.

If we want to have any decent and optimistic future though, then this season is the season to start the ball rolling. Let's hope we take the opportunity.


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