Monday, February 1, 2010

The European transfer window closed today and there was very little of real excitement, despite the column inches and web space devoted to it by some.

It was a bit of a wash out and a let down to be honest.

Some seemed a bit too obsessed with what Michael Owen might be doing or going and for the BBC, who had a live blog on proceedings, it was hard for them to do much except report on rumours and idle speculation, most of which came to nothing of course - but hey they had hours of time to kill and fill!

Celtic seem to have been at the centre of a lot of it and are losing players to old boss Gordon Strachan at Middlesborough at an alarming rate! Scott McDonald's gone now and I have to say that although I knew he was a big Celtic fan, I never really saw Robbie Keane going there from Spurs.

Maybe my distance away from things has seen that one slip by me, but it surprised me none the less.

From an East Fife point of view, it's been very disappointing that it appears we haven't snapped anyone up in the window.

There is a chance that we have and it just hasn't been reported yet. We can't expect the Club to keep us updated. After all they only have two official websites!

So maybe there will be a surprise tomorrow, as we definitely need a strike partner for Paul McManus and one with a decent scoring record too - no more untried kids please.

With a number of players finding themselves released or without clubs, maybe there is still hope that we can add to our squad. Let's hope so.


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