Thursday, February 18, 2010

Every day, things seem to look that little bit worse for Portsmouth FC.

Their joy at beating fierce local rivals Southampton on Saturday, in what was a scintillating cup tie in a red hot atmosphere, seems to have been short lived.

Given a one week stay of execution from a winding up order last week (the date now being set as March 1st), and already on their fourth (soon to be fifth?) set of owners for the season, their debts are huge, players have been paid late four times so far this season and they sit well adrift at the foot of the Premiership table.

The latest twist in their saga came today, when the Club asked the FA to allow them to sell some players outside of the transfer window to raise some cash.

With FIFA setting the transfer window rules it would appear that the FA will have no way to grant their request, plus it would set a dangerous precedent for others. It's just another example of how serious their plight is though.

How a Club can fall from grace (FA Cup winners not even two years ago) to such a perilous state is not only alarming, but a serious wake up call to many, especially those fans who just want their clubs to buy their way to success.

Is a small run of success really worth not having your team to cheer on till your dying day?


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