Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We ended up catching tonight's Champions League match up between Bayern Munich and Fiorentina. It seemed to interest us a lot more than watching Arsenal yet again.

If you haven't seen the game, then try and catch some extended highlights, if only to see a horrendous refereeing display that completely ruined the match.

A string of questionable decisions marred what was an entertaining game and certainly shaped the outcome of the first leg.

Dubious offsides given and not given, tackles and challenges which should have seen red and didn't and saw red but shouldn't. That was the story of the match.

If we're seeing the elite of European Club football on a worldwide stage, then it would be nice if we could get top quality officials to match.

Sure everybody can have an off day or make the odd wrong decision, but this game truly beggared belief.

And I thought I'd seen some shocking refereeing at East Fife games in my time. You live and learn!


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