Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The African Nations Cup wrapped up at the weekend.

Maybe it was just the initial excitement, or the fact that so many East Fife games had been postponed and it was just good to see football again, but whatever it was, as the tournament went on, the excitement dipped and, for me at least, the tournament ended with more of a whimper than a bang.

Sure the Egypt-Algeria semi final game was explosive, with three Algerian sending offs, but by the time that Egypt wrapped up their record breaking third straight title I'd stopped watching the live matches several games before.

Congrats to Egypt though. They're such passionate football fans in the country.

One of my lasting memories of being in Cairo, isn't going to see the Sphinx or the pyramids, but the fact that my wearing of an East Fife top brought so much interest from the locals and many weird and wonderful offers of a swap for it.

It's a shame that Egypt won't be gracing the World Cup stage in South Africa in the summer.

The big thing to come out of the tournament for me though was how really poor a lot of the defences and especially goalkeepers are for the teams that did make it to the World Cup Finals.

Ghana, Algeria and Nigeria may have all made the semi final stages of the African Nations Cup, but there were some horror shows on display from all three of them, along with Cameroon.

There's so many of us waiting for that first African winner of the tournament and with it being on home turf, many thought this could be the year. On the showings and defensive frailties on display in the African Nations Cup though, that winner isn't going to be coming any time soon.


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