Saturday, February 27, 2010

The big story in England today, if you go by the media, wasn't the battle of the big spenders of Chelsea and Manchester City at Stamford Bridge, but whether another Bridge, Wayne, would shake hands with John Terry before, during or after the game.

The attention Wayne Bridge has had thrust upon him in recent weeks is scandalous and he has handled himself superbly in it all.

For a player trying to restart his career after injury, all the shit that scumbag Terry has foisted upon him with his cheating off-field actions is disgraceful.

Good on Bridge for not shaking hands with Terry today. It would have been nice if none of the City players had to be honest. With bookies offering 11/10 on for there to be no handshake, you do have to start questioning just why this story has been allowed to run to this point.

Hopefully the matter will now have a line drawn under it and Bridge can get on with his career.

And to the Chelsea fans who booed Bridge today, the innocent party in all of this, shame on you. You're no better than your tosser of a captain. You deserve each other.


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