Friday, February 5, 2010

As regular readers of this blog will know, we're big fans of Danny Baker here and in particular his current Saturday morning radio show on BBC 5 Live (you can find out more about it and listen HERE).

On last Saturday's show there was a fantastic call from a guy called Glen, the contents of which we'd love you all to recreate at football grounds the length and breadth of not only the country, but all over the world!

A few years back when Morecambe were in the Conference, Glen and his mates decided to do a prank PA announcement on their friend Stevie Downs. Nothing too major. It was his 40th birthday so they got the tannoy guy to read an announcement saying "Happy 50th". Not that we'd do something like that and keep it going on the forum, eh Hoss?!!

Well the idea tickled the guys and having been to Morecambe for an East Fife pre-season game against Trimpell FC, you certainly do need something to keep you entertained if you're from there.

They then hatched a plan to get announcement done for their friend at every away match that season and as the season progressed their friend Stevie was congratulated for such things as completing the Inca Trail, passing his driving test at the 11th attempt, having a short film nominated for an Oscar and returning from a polar expedition. They also got him proposing to a fictional long term girlfriend called Shelley Webber, a name made up from the surnames of two former players.

The PA announcers, none of whom knew what was afoot, all willingly obliged with the announcements and even though Stevie wasn't at all the games, his mates held up a mobile phone so he could here them.

Genius stuff!

At the end of the season, the gang made an apology to all of the PA announcers via the non league newspaper and that was the end of their shenanigans.

It may have been the end of theirs but I'm with Danny's campaign to get this going all over.

Wouldn't be the first time such things have taken place at an East Fife game. I remember being through at East Stirling when an announcement was made for someone, whose identity we'll protect (for now!), congratulating him on his vasectomy the day before. Wouldn't have been too bad if his father in law hadn't been at the game with him and hadn't known anything about it. Ah, the hilarity that ensued for everyone except this mysterious stranger!

So let's see what announcements we can get for Fife fans for the rest of the season (and all the fans of other teams reading this too). If you can capture any on camera then send them in to us and we'll have them on the AFTN website for posterity.

I can just sense certain guys hatching their plans already!


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