Tuesday, January 5, 2010

With the weather taking it's crippling toll on fixtures across the UK, it was good to see some sense being shown tonight in the postponement of matches not because the pitch was unplayable, but by putting the fans safety first, before TV deals.

Some of the recent games I've watched have been played in horrendous conditions and to half empty stadiums as a result.

Who cares if the pitch is fine, what about the poors sods in the stands losing feeling in their toes and cheeks (all varieties)? It's been shocking to see.

Then you have the announcement towards the end of Saturday's FA Cup tie between Sunderland and Barrow that the Barrow fans would have to go some long winded way home due to snow closing the roads they would have gone on (cue much cheering from the classless Mackems). Surely that could have been predicted and the match called off to prevent the fans from risking their lives just to get home from a game of football?

Maybe common sense has finally hit home. As much as I love football and have watched it in all kinds of conditions and temperatures, there's no way I'd be venturing out on those roads.

With the matches that have taken place in snowstorms though, the one question that stands out though is what the hell happened to the orange ball?

Football in the snow can be great, but without an orange ball it just loses that excitement and makes you realise that you're idiotically paying money to watch a white ball in a snowdrift.

Bring back orange!


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