Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's a shame that the League Cup has been so devalued in both Scotland and especially England for what seems like most of the last few years.

As a proud East Fife supporter, whose team won the Scottish League Cup three times in the late 40's and early 50's, it saddens me to see under strength sides fielded and an overall lack of general excitement in the competition. It's a shame it's thought of more of an inconvenience rather than a Cup with a lot of history.

Of course the football authorities don't help themselves with regards to this at times and one such example is making the English semi finals over two legs.

Now I'm an advocate of two legged semis and finals on some occasions. The USL playoffs being a good example where I was pleased they made the decision to play both the semi finals and the final over two legs.

For a competition played on a continent the size of North America, with teams so widespread, it makes total sense. In England with no such geographical worries and such a congested schedule, not so much.

This season's English League Cup semi finals are such a diverse mixed bag. You have Aston Villa and Blackburn which doesn't excite and the Manchester derby which more than makes up for it.

Tonight's first leg between the Manchester rivals was another rip roaring affair and although it's beautifully set up for a second leg cracker at Old Trafford, you can't help but think how much better it would all have been over just the one leg, winner takes all.

The League Cup competition certainly needs a revamp on both sides of the border and one day we'll hopefully see it's proud history mean something once again.


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