Friday, January 8, 2010

We'd been quite looking forward to the African Nations Cup starting on Monday.

It was a chance to see some live football actually being played and that mythical glowing orb in the sky at the same time.

The football world was shaken today though with the news that the Togo team bus had been subjected to a terror attack as they entered into Angola.

African football has been plagued by bad incidents, bad press and disasters over the years but this has taken things to another level altogether.

It's time's like this that make us realise it's just a game and that we're dealing with human beings and their real lives here.

With news being sketchy so far, but some fatalities being confirmed, it will be hard to see how Togo and their players will be in a fit state of mind to take part in the tournament.

Their withdrawal and ongoing security concerns might put the whole tournament in jeopardy and you couldn't blame other countries and players for heading home.

It's such a volatile continent that obvious questions surrounding possible security fears at the World Cup in South Africa in June will be raised by many. Having watched a Louis Theroux documentary on crime in Johannesburg not that long back, you certainly wouldn't have got me to head over to watch Scotland in the finals (I know, fat chance we'd be there!).

At the moment we can only be assured that nothing similar will happen there. In the meantime, our thoughts are with the Togo team and their families.

Even football it seems can't escape the world of terror we live in today.


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