Monday, January 11, 2010

When a player is in the zone, it's a joy to watch him play and Carlos Tevez is certainly such a player at the moment.

The Argentinian hitman has almost single handedly revived Man City's flagging Premiership hopes, so much so in fact that even new boss Roberto Mancini has been talking up the Blues chances of not only grabbing a Champions League place, but of the Premiership title itself.

I've long been an admirer of Tevez and as a West Ham fan will forever be grateful for his contribution in saving the Hammers from relegation in that infamous season.

His hat trick for City against Blackburn this evening saw him on a one man seek and destroying mission and must make Sir Alex question his judgement for once in letting him go across the city.

It's still hard to get enthusiastic about the moneybags of City doing well. I still hope they fail, fall flat on their rich faces and don't even make Europe (still a possibility with how tight the Premiership is right now).

That said, it's hard not to enjoy and be impressed by a talent like Tevez. If only he'd stayed a Hammer.


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