Friday, January 22, 2010

Scottish football hasn't really had too far to look for embarrassment this season. It's been a case of "what will it be this week" more often than not.

This week, it's the fact that Dunfermline, thrown of the Scottish Cup just days ago, have won their appeal and are back in it.

For those that don't know about the details, you can find them in our earlier blog post HERE.

Dunfermline were rightly thrown out of the competition but, much to the SFA's amazement, an independent panel, the so called Emergency Committee, resintated them in the competition and fined them 30,000 pounds instead.

The Pars now have a chance to replay their match against Stenhousemuir and reclaim their money spinning tie against Celtic, which will please Sky TV I'm sure.

It's farcical. You've either broken the rules or you haven't.

I know we harp on about this a lot on this blog, but someone really has to take the governing bodies in Scotland by the scruff of the neck, before we lose any credibility we may have left.


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