Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm getting worried.

For the second time in less than a week I found myself cheering on Manchester United in a game of football.

First it was against Man City on Wednesday night and then against Arsenal today. That's just not right!

Unfortunately faced with all the little things that have pissed me off with every Club at the top end of the Premiership in recent years (Aston Villa aside - I'm sure they'll join that club one day!), I don't think I've been left with an option and it doesn't sit comfortably!!!

Chelsea and Man City I detest for their moneybags stature. Every time they win a trophy, a pure football angel dies.

Those clubs also have players like Michael Ballack and Craig Bellamy, who just have faces you want to smack and attitudes that equally annoy.

Liverpool I've hated since my childhood days when they were the team that everyone at school wanted to follow and not Man United. Times may change but deep seated childhood hatred won't!

Arsenal, as we've metnioned before in this blog, were a team I used to admire but years of Wenger's attitudes and comments have finally ground me down. Their players antics, such as Eduardo's Champions League diving, have also contributed to my every increasing dislike of them.

There's no one left except for Man United in the "big five". They play good football, have a Scot as a boss and believe in developing youth.

It may feel like siding with the devil, for a West Ham fan like myself, but it seems the best choice of all!

Man, I do need help!!!


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