Friday, January 29, 2010

What would the World Cup be without those dreadful world cup songs. There may be some classics like BA Robertson's "We Have A Dream" song for Scotland (the best World Cup song EVER!), but on the whole, no matter what the country, they usually suck.

The press went into overdrive recently when the English FA announced that there would be no official England world cup tune this time around, to the joy of music lovers everywhere.

At the Loaded Lafta awards the other night though, Frank Skinner admitted that he would be interested into writing a follow up to the now over-used "Three Lions".

As England haters, even we at AFTN have to admit that "Three Lions" was a quality football anthem and one that has remarkably stood the test of the time and still sounds as fresh today as when you first heard it for Euro 96.

It's going to be a hard tune for Skinner, Baddiel and Brodie to top but it will certainly be worth hearing if they can.

Just in case the guys are struggling for material, we thought we'd remind them of AFTN "Three Lions" remix which we coined a few years back now. Just for inspiration for them you understand.

You can read our efforts HERE. Enjoy!


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