Thursday, January 7, 2010

With no football to occupy us for weeks, you'd think it would be all quiet on the Bayview front at the moment, but apparently not so.

Depending on what newspaper you read and what quote East Fife Chairman Sid Collumbine has apparently given that paper, East Fife's future is either exactly the same as it was or we could go bust.

It's been a truly baffling two days that, quite frankly, raises questions about how suitable Sid Collumbine and the rest of the current East Fife board are for running the football club.

Yesterday the Daily Record (later picked up by STV) ran a story that the SFA were witholding East Fife's winter payment due to a continuing dispute regarding the court cases that East Fife/Kevin Fotheringham lost in their racist comment/player banning incident of last season.

The court of session awarded the SFA 15,000 pounds in costs for the failed action brought about by East Fife/Kevin Fotheringham. We're having to list both parties like this as it is still unclear whether it was the Club or the player thay brought forward the action. Both say the other.

The SFA say East Fife and they want their money. East Fife say not and won't pay up. The result is that the SFA are refusing to hand over the winter payment until this is settled. Confused yet?

I have to say that I personally think that the SFA are morally right in their stance. If you were owed money by a party and you also owed them money back, would you not cancel out the transactions this way? We don't know exactly what the winter payment amount is but if rumours and rough calculations are to be believed, it may be exactly what the SFA are owed.

It's insane.

Add to all this confusion, the Record quoted Collumbine as saying that the Club could go bust without this winter payment due to not having gate receipts for the past four weeks due to the weather (ignoring we only actually had one scheduled home match in that period).

Today's Courier though quoted Collumbine as saying that the Club would certainly not be anywhere near going to the wall over this issue.

So all this begs the question what the hell is going on? Did Collumbine give both quotes? If so, does he actually have any idea what he's saying to the media and why was he allowed to worry the fans like this? Maybe it was just quiet media day.

Either way, it's not the first time of late the Club's board can be question as to their suitabliity for purpose.

The sooner the Trust can buy out the Club then hopefully we can have a Board that actually instills some confidence in the fans because it's clear just now that current one doesn't do that.

As to the money issues, well we're no further forward and looking at who runs East Fife and the SFA, I wouldn't expect that situation to change any time soon.


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