Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The managerial merry-go-round certainly shows no sign of easing up. We tipped Gary Megson to get the boot from Bolton last week, just the day before he did.

As soon as Megson went and Burnley's Owen Coyle was linked to the job, I couldn't believe it though.

Yes, there was the history of him with Wanderers, but he had done so much at Burnley that why would he want to walk away from Turf Moor now? He was a god there. He could have got anything he wanted in the town. Well, anything that is except for a decent transfer budget it seems.

All the speculation has pointed to Coyle being unhappy with the restrictions on him for strengthening the Burnley squad. That, in addition to what will no doubt be a whopping pay increase, has taken him to the Reebok and I have to admit he's taken only some of my admiration and respect for him along with him.

I've rated him so highly for years now. I see him as a natural candidate for Scotland national team boss down the line. Hell, I even remember shouting abuse at him at old Bayview when he played against the Fife all those years ago. He always took it well.

He said not that long ago that he had a job to do at Burnley that he wanted to see through. That's why the Celtic and Scotland jobs weren't for him at that time.

I hate to think that money has made him give up on what he has built at Burnley. He'd made that club an inspiration to fans of all small, unfashionable teams the land over.

Coyle's legacy will live on forever at Turf Moor. I just hope he doesn't tarnish his personal reputation with failure and the stench of money talking. I don't want to see him fail but if it boiled down to him going down or Burnely, then I have my claret and blue scarf waving all the way.


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