Monday, December 21, 2009

Whether you're still looking for that Christmas gift for your football loving friend, want to give some hints for a present for yourself or are looking for a way to spend some of your Christmas gift cash, then one book which is deserving of a place in your post Christmas bookshelf this year is the latest from that staple of football magazines, When Saturday Comes - "Up Front - WSC Covers From Two Decades That Changed Football".

The sensible way to start a magazine is to collect a few people with some of the relevant skills: writing, editing, photography, design, marketing, accounts. When Saturday Comes did not begin the sensible way. Instead, they decided the crisis facing football was so deep, and what they had to say so urgent, that they should publish first and acquire the skills later. "Up Front" is proof of this and we say that in a good way!

The book brings together nearly 100 WSC covers from 1986 to 2009, allowing you to trace a monumental period in the history of the game with the help of Maxwell, Thatcher, Venables, Pelé, Maradona and a number of mascots.

Magazine covers, especially those of fanzine style publications like WSC, are vital to draw the casual reader in and then hook them for longevity once they see the contents inside. WSC has always managed to do this with wit and satire to the fore.

We at AFTN always tried to do something similar in our printed fanzine days, but barring a few occasions (our John McCarthy hostage cover being our particular, and I know a few readers, fave), we never quite reached the humourous heights of When Saturday Comes.

"Up Front" is an excellent 100 page WSC book of cover art and costs 6.99. For those of you in the UK, you can pick a copy up at WH Smith. If you want to avoid the crowds or live outside of the UK, then you can pick up a copy at the When Saturday Comes website HERE.


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