Sunday, December 6, 2009

This season is shaping up to be the best SPL season ever.

The Hibs and Dundee United challenge is still going strong and if United can win their game in hand against Rangers then we will have an unbelievable situation of two points seperating the top four.

It's what we've all been wanting for years, serious challengers to the old firm, and it's important for the game that they can keep it going into the new year.

The bottom six is also tights as a gnat's chuff. There's five points between them and if Falkirk can string any sort of results together then the split will be fascinating.

That said, Falkirk certainly look to be the weakest side of all in the league.

With all the bad news and terrible performances we've seen in the Scottish game of late, this is the season we need to instill some sort of pride in our national sport. The rugger boys have already been making calls in the press for their funny shaped balls to take over.

The Hamilton-Hearts game today was full of passion and fire both on and off the pitch. More of the same please. Right up till May.

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