Saturday, December 19, 2009

I think it's the Irish comedian Ed Byrne that has a routine about Alanis Morisette's song Ironic and about how someone needs to tell her the actual meaning of the word as she goes on to list one non ironic thing after another.

I just always think about that whenever someone says, or I think, that something's ironic.

Why am I going on about this? Well something ironic did happen today with East Fife's match with Brechin City.

The Club proudly announced on AFTN at 10.12am that the game at Bayview was definitely on after the groundstaff had passed the pitch playable.

As game after game in Scotland was called off, we were left as the only game on in the Second Division. A prospect which meant a win would see us move into 5th and we could possibly move into the play off positions by the end of the year.

Then came the bombshell at 1.25pm on AFTN that the game was called off by the referee, despite both teams, management and directors deeming the pitch perfectly playable.

East Fife then proceeded to play a practice match in which the ball seemed to be running with no problem.

The late call off obviously was a pisser for the Brechin fans who had made the semi-long journey down in not the best of weather and their main bus was nearly at the ground when the postponement was announced.

Thankfully fans check AFTN regularly as all the media outlets still had the game as being on an hour later. So we do provide a service apart from being a home to the moaners!

The irony in all this was that our AFTN Blog in today's programme was all about how annoying and frustrating late call offs and abandonments were for the fans and how things need to be seriously done to prevent such incidents happening with the amazing frequency that they still do.

Maybe someone should have let the referee read the programme before inspecting the pitch.


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