Monday, December 14, 2009

Over the last couple of weeks we've had a humourous look at some of the unwritten rules of the game (see Blog posts Here and Here).

Whereas these rules are funny, sometimes verging on the ridiculous, so are some of the actual rules we have in the game today.

With the Canadian Football (throwball) League welcoming rule change suggestions from fans each year, and often implementing some, it's a shame FIFA don't do the same.

We could go on ad nauseum about goal-line technology, extra officials, extra time changes, dissent, diving etc etc.

The one that's really got our goat for the last few seasons though is that of being booked for celebrating.

It's ridiculous - plain and simple.

I can understand a player being booked if his celebration involves inciting the opposition fans, ala Adebayor earlier this season, but when a player is just enjoying his goal moment with his own supporters then give the guy a break.

So what if he's whipped his shirt off? So what if he's being hugged by the crowd?

What's wrong with showing joy and raw emotion? I guess you'd need to ask FIFA.


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