Sunday, December 27, 2009

This season's English Premiership is one of the best so far in terms of teams with a realistic chance of the title, finishing in the top four and avoiding relegation.

At the top end of the table, Chelsea's stuttering of late has probably made it a three horse title race between themselves, Man United and Arsenal.

In years gone by, Arsenal would have easily been the team that would have had my support to land the title. This season though, their whining, arguing, hassling of refs and cheating and diving escapades have totally switched me off them. No matter how skillful the likes of Fabregas might be, I've had my fill of them.

To my mind they are now no better on the pitch than Chelski in all the negative stuff they bring to the English game.

With Man United being, well, Man United, it would be great to have a title contender to finally support that don't make your blood boil.

Moneybags City are a non starter and their recent behaviour with Mark Hughes cemented that fact. I just can't bring myself to cheer for Spurs either and my hatred of Liverpool dates back to the late 70's when everyone at my school were gloryhunters and wore the red colours, when West Ham were, and always will be, my English team.

That only leaves Aston Villa and thankfully I have no irrational hatred of them that I can bring to mind, so that's my choice of top teams in England to root for this season.

They may not have a chance of landing the actual title right now, but if they can break into that top four Champions League spot then I'll be raising my glass to them come May.

Maybe one day, in what currently seems like the very distant future, I can cheer on my own claret and blue team of choice to be that team to make it into the Champions League and there'll be bubbles blowing everywhere in the process.


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