Wednesday, December 30, 2009

With Craig Levein now officially instilled as the new Scotland manager, it didn't take long for the cockroaches to come scuttling out from their dark places (Ibrox as others may know it) and seek to reignite their international careers.

You could have put a lot of money on Kris Boyd having a change of heart and making himself available once again to play for Scotland.

Having fallen out with previous boss Craig Burley over the time he was spending on the bench, Boyd threw a strop, took his ball home with him and announced his retirement from the international scene that barely knew he was even there.

Has he matured now? Is there any guarantee he won't do it again if Levein keeps him on the bench?

Know one knows, not even Boyd himself. His game has certainly matured. Five goals in a game, becoming the SPL's all time top scorer and some assured performances of late. Has he matured himself as a man?

There's no denying that the Scotland national team badly need some top class strikers. Is Boyd really that though? He hadn't done it for Scotland before and he's hardly set the heather alight for Rangers in Europe.

Should we forgive and forget and not just cut our nose off to spite our face?

Out of the three disgraced players (the other horrible Huns being Allan McGregor and Barry Ferguson), Boyd is the only one I would grudgingly welcome back. The others can go to hell and stay there for letting their country and their fans down.

If Boyd can show the maturity to not run away again if he is kept on the bench or doesn't like decisions made, then I'm for giving him a second chance. If he blows it, then it will be him who will look back on his career in years to come full of regret.


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