Tuesday, December 1, 2009

In a follow up to yesterday's blog, FIFA and Sepp Blatter rejected Ireland's request to be added as the 33rd team in next year's World Cup Finals.

Not really a big surprise there (did anyone really think they would seriously consider it?) but the Irish have been left fuming at how FIFA handled the announcement of their request, indicating that they made them a laughing stock.

With the way things have gone with this debacle, it's hard to see who the real laughing stocks are but FIFA certainly haven't covered themselves in any glory with it all.

Whether this will be the end of it or whether the Irish will look to the courts now is anybody's guess. In light of how FIFA have been dealing with Chile after one of their domestic clubs (Rangers) were going to take the Chilean FA to court over their recent demotion, Ireland would be advised to steer well clear of such actions.

Chile were threatened with being kicked out of the World Cup if court cases were started as FIFA frown on such things (how they felt when Livingston went to court with the SFA in the summer we don't know).

It's alright having FIFA as the governing body of football but apparently they see themselves as the all conquering lawmakers. The question now should be, who should govern FIFA?


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