Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The announcement of Craig Levein as the new Scotland boss is imminent.

Once the financial settlement with Dundee United has been agreed, Levein will take the reigns as national team boss before Christmas.

It's mixed emotions from us here at AFTN. On the one hand we do recognise that he is one of the more successful of the younger crop of Scottish managers at the moment and he has done excellent work at Dundee United. On the other, we still remember him as the tosser he was when he managed Cowdenbeath in the late 90s and his team's cheating performances against us.

He's not a man that most of the East Fife fans hold any esteem for whatsoever. Maybe we should forget the past and move on, but it's hard. To many it is a case of once a wanker, always a wanker.

Taking all of that out of the equation and trying to look at it from a balanced perspective, we still have to question his appointment.

He failed miserably in the only "big team" job he has had, whilst at Leicester City. He is also young and ambitious and the danger is always going to be there that he does what Walter Smith and Alex McLeish have done before him and leave the national team in the lurch when the lure of club football and the big bucks come a calling.

He does the have the ability and capacity to shake things up in the Scottish game though and that can only be good. He has never been afraid to speak his mind in the past and if he can continue to do this and take the Scottish game by the scruff of the neck that it needs then he may grudgingly earn our support.

AFTN personally has wanted Hearts to fail when he was there and Dundee United to fail at the present moment. It will be hard to back a Scotland team that he leads but we're going to have to try and put that behind us for the success of the national team is all that is important in all of this.

He better succeed and not leave the team in limbo, for if he does we'll be right at the front of the queue clambering for his resignation. In the meantime, welcome to the job Craig!


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