Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I like when the English Premiership has midweek fixtures. I dunno why but they just seem more exciting. Maybe it's because there's not that mass of television coverage we were going on about yesterday.

This week's action didn't disappoint on the whole.

Just when it looked like Chelsea were human after all and could be pegged back, they and Man United seem to have now made it back into a two horse race.

The other two Champions League spots are going to make for what looks like one of the most exciting Premiership seasons for many a year.

Who knows how that one is going to pan out.

At the other end though, I have serious fears now for my West Ham. It's looking grimmer by the week. They have the players that shouldn't see them relegated but someone maybe needs to get them to believe that.

The Bolton defeat was hard to watch, hard to stomach. That was a must win game this early in the season. The fact that they didn't, coupled with the way they lost it, makes the next month vital or it could be season over already.


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