Thursday, December 24, 2009

In a way it's a godsend, but East Fife's 2009 was brought to a footballing end today when an early postponement of their boxing day match at Arbroath has left us with no game now till January 2nd 2010.

If the weather keeps up the way it is, the chance of this match going ahead may also be slim, which would leave the Fife with an unexpected one month winter break and it may have come at the perfect time.

Sure we could have built on the 3-0 demolition at Dumbarton two weeks ago but the way the games have been going we need to regroup and make sure that 2010 doesn't become a relegation year.

This year's festive calendar was a shocker anyway. Two away games, one them miles away at Peterhead was not what would be at the top, middle or anywhere not at the bottom of fans wishlists.

How the SFL can hand any club two away games in these financially tight times is a mystery. Every Club should have been guaranteed at least one potentially bumper holiday crowd.

As it's turned out no one seems to be getting anything but it's still a point of principal.

Let's hope the players have a great time this holiday season and come back fully refreshed next and raring to give their all for those black and gold jerseys.

They've no excuses now!


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