Saturday, December 26, 2009

With the festive football programme in Scotland decimated by the weather, we thought we'd turn our thoughts to bygone days, when matches were commonplace on Christmas Day itself, not just Boxing Day and New Year's Day.

If you were to think of football matches at Christmas, unless you are of a certain age, then you'd just think of the Boxing Day games. If pushed to Christmas Day matches you may just think of the famous World War One kickabout in 1915, Paul McCartney, Pipes of Peace and all that.

As we said though, matches on December 25th were commonplace up to I think the late 1970's for East Fife anyway. If Christmas Day fell on a Saturday then the Fife were in action.

"The Bayview", the East Fife programme, produced some cracking covers for the Christmas and New Year games in the 1970's. If you pick up a copy of the programme for East Fife's recently postponed match against Brechin on December 19th, you can see a selection of them that we put together.

One of our particular favourites came from the match against Motherwell on Christmas Day 1971. The cover is to the left. 4,119 fans turned out to watch a 1-1 draw that day, putting aside their turkey and crackers for 90 minutes of Black and Gold Christmas entertainment.

Terrible really for the players and the fans looking back and you'd hope that that would be unthinkabke nowadays. Although the NFL did have a game yesterday which is what got us thinking about all this in the first place.

With the way things are going mind you, I wouldn't be surprised if at some point in the not too distant future, we get at least one Premiership game on Christmas Day.


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