Thursday, December 3, 2009

When FIFA announced their seedings and pots for tomorrow’s World Cup draw, it was both pretty much unexpected but equally disappointing at the same time.

The top 8 seeded teams are a little surprising, with England ousting France as a seed. In saying that, both are former winners but England’s qualification campaign was tremendous whereas France’s was full of despair and controversies. I’m

I’m not against seeding the top eight, as past performances in the tournament and qualifying should be rewarded, but by seeding the rest of the teams it takes away from some interesting encounters that could be thrown up and diminishes the chances of some of the lesser nations to advance.

I’d much prefer to see a free for all for the remaining 24 teams.

Lumping the African and South American teams together does certainly make it tougher for the remaining European sides, something FIFA no doubt would be keen to happen to keep the rest of the world’s delegates happy.

Putting Asia, Oceania and Concacaf together will no doubt throw up at least one “group of death”, with whoever ends up with the US or Mexico in their group.

These groupings though deprive us of some potentially great matches and upsets. Sadly there’ll be no North Korea-USA match up for a billion audience at home, at least not in this round, and no North-South Korean hostilities either.

It should still be an interesting draw though and hopefully the pot separation won’t take away from some genuinely tough groups and some cracking tight matches to look forward to.


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